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Got My Celiac Blood Testing...which Was Negative...doesn't Matter To Me

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So I got my celiac panel back and it's negative. Geesh...seems like a high overall IgA serum but I suppose that's not unusual as it's in the "normal" range correct?

Still wondering about my ferritin level of 9. I haven't heard from the dr at all...just saw my results online. I get my endoscopy and colonoscopy in one week. Will be happy to get it over with and be gluten free despite the findings. I know I feel a lot better while I'm gluten free. Like I said in the past I even stopped taking my adderall once I realized gluten free made me feel so much better. I can also live without the D and cramps.

Deamidated Gliadin IgA 8 <20 Units

Deamidated Gliadin IgG 14 <20 Units

Interpretation Guidelines for Gliadin IgA/IgG

Negative <20 Units

Weak Positive 20-30 Units

Strong Positive >30 Units

Semi-quantitative results were obtained with INOVA Quanta Lite Deamidated

Gliadin Peptide IgA/IgG. The magnitude of the values cannot be correlated to


endpoint titer.

Note: Reference Range Updated


Tissue Transglutaminase Interpretation:

Negative <4 U/mL

Weak Positive 4-10 U/mL

Positive >10 U/mL

IgA 392 70 - 400 mg/dL

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