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Electric Shock Sensations...didn't Know It's Link

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A little background. Husband has been gluten free for 2 yrs after 17+ yrs of digestive issues...so he's undiagnosed...just took the matter into his own hands finally and went gluten free with success. Me and 3 of my kids are getting tested for celiac (bloodwork + endoscopies) as we all show symptoms and when we were gluten free we all felt better and symptomless. The only daughter I have not pursued an endoscopy for I now think I should have went ahead and had her tested too. I guess I will do that soon though.

The reason for my post is a few years ago she was having shock sensations that would travel into her hands...then it started being the roof of her mouth too. That went on for about 3 yrs and at this same time she was having joint pain and stiffness. Always got worse after an illness like a cold or other virus and would be bad for about a month following. She was seeing a rhuematologist who never did diagnose her with anything but neuralgia..I guess a general term for joint pain and stiffness. She did have a positive antinuclear antigen blood test..and at one point I remember he dr calling me after a round of blood work to have her make sure and take b12 and folic acid and they wanted to redo her bloodwork up. Something was off but it was corrected with the vitamins I guess. During that time I even brought her to see a neurologist to figure out what those shock sensations she was having. He looked her over...did some tests on her and by the end of the visit said she was fine and sent us on our way. He made us feel like what she was experiencing wasn't anything so we didn't continue on trying to figure out what was causing it. So I'd say the last 3 yrs she's been joint pain free and hasn't had those shocking sensations at all either. What we are dealing with currently for the past week is a pain on her side that is what I feel stemming from her appendix. Bloodwork was fine though and ultrasound was clear. Though I read that often times ultrasounds are not good for determining if an appendix is inflamed. I don't think she has acute appendicitis but my guess is she has one of the other appendicitis conditions...like chronic appendicis and it bugs me the doctor just brushed us off again...blaming her condition on constipation when my daughter is not constipated. In fact after dr's orders for taking miralax every day for a week or longer she decided it was too unpleasant after day two and felt she was not dealing with constipation because as she explained...she is not constipated...LOL

So, what I am surprised to read this evening is this article about peripheral neuropathy and it's link to celiac disease in some cases. I never knew what my daughter was experiencing...or actually what condition it was. I had that "ah ha" moment when I read this "Patients with celiac disease tended to experience small fiber neuropathy, which causes severe burning, stinging, and electric shock type pains." http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0FSL/is_1_78/ai_105439645/ This was from an article on peripheral neuropathy associated with celiac disease.

What bothers me most is none of the doctors she seen for having those electric shock symptoms seemed to ever take her seriously. I'm really ticked with the doctors right now.

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Well, as they say, "don't get mad, get even." ;)

Yes, nerve damage = pins and needles/electrical charge sensation shooting down your arms to hands. Like "burners" that football players can get. This can also be caused or made worse by cervical spinal stenosis and bone spurs. It's all nutrient related as the body doesn't get what it needs from food, because the gut lining is damaged.... supplement, supplement, supplement ! And stop eating gluten if that is the cause.

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