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Pappy's Seasoning

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Hi to my fellow celiacs... I wondered if any of you have gotten information on Pappy's seasoning? I've been diagnosed and gluten free for 7 months now, and having found out that I have other food intolerances as many of us do...has been a journey. When I was first diagnosed, I called every company I had products from, if they didn't have clear labeling, and tossed everything gluten. I've been trying to figure out what is causing me issues and a lightbulb went off tonight after consuming something I used Pappy's seasoning in.

Have any of you had issues, and more importantly...has anyone gotten confirmation from the company whether or not Pappy's is gluten free? The label looks okay, but I'm VERY suspicious. When I Googled it, I found someone else asking the same question and one response from June 2011 that said they had confirmation from the company that the 50% less sodium version WAS gluten free. I found it ODD that they didn't say they were both gluten-free. I'm going to call them tomorrow, but wondered if anyone had the answer already. Thanks!

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