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Could This Be Dermatitis Herpetiformis?

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I'm still waiting for my biopsy results...and I'm trying to eat strictly gluten-free, but I've eaten out the last two nights, and though I have done my best to order my food gluten-free and without contamination, I woke up yesterday with a finger rash that further intensified last night. This is a rash that I had for several months right before I pinpointed gluten as an issue, and then it steadily went away entirely when I went gluten-light.

So now I'm wondering if I accidentally got glutened. Also, does this look like DH? The pictures aren't the best, but the bumps are raised and rather like hard pimples. If it doesn't resemble DH, does it look like an allergic response?

I just finished my gluten challenge less than a week ago, so could this actually be a delayed reaction to that gluten as it makes its way out of my system? I felt like I had done such a good job ordering my food the last two nights, but alas, this could be gluten-free-newbie naivete since so much is outside of my control at a restaurant.

Thank you for checking out these pictures and sharing your thoughts! (P.S. The photos exaggerate the redness a bit, so they are not quite that red in person.)



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Hmmm, that looks like what I get and what I get is atopic dermatitis. I developed allergies to my baby's wipes and whenever I use them that's what I get down the inside of my finger. It's super itchy and before the welts/bumps appear sometimes it stings a little first.

That being said, it sounds like you really tied your rash to gluten already?

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check here, number 42 looks similar to yours, I think. Is it itchy?

Also, as far as having eaten out, it's possible that my MSG and DH theory came into play? I have read that a lot of places use MSG, so you might want to consider that as a possibility when you eat out or even when buying groceries. Before I realized I had DH / celiac, I knew I was sensitive to MSG and reacted after eating at a Chinese place I used to go to. They claimed no MSG, but I knew that was the type of reaction I had. I asked to see the ingredients on a sauce they used and it had an ingredient called 'flavor enhancer'. Geeze, what do you think that was?

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