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Celiac Blood Tests

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My daughter recently had the blood tests done to determine Celiac. Eveything came back positive except the Immunoglobulin A Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody, IGA. It was 113, which is in the normal range. They are suggesting an endoscopy with biopsy. My Pediatrician is suggesting that isn't necessary and to just start her on a gluten free diet. Does she absolutely have to have the procedure? And since the blood tests came back postive does that confirm she has celiac?


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With positive blood tests she is celiac. It sounds like your doctor is giving the diagnosis without the endo. Since he is advising just starting the diet that would be what I would do. If you do decide to endo make sure to keep her on gluten until that test is finished and keep in mind that endos can have false negatives. You wouldn't need to wait for the endo results as with positive blood work she needs the diet even if the endo should be negative.

Do be sure to test everyone in the family even if they don't seem to have symptoms. Celiac is strongly genetic and it is suggested all first degree relatives be tested when one family member is diagnosed.

Welcome to the board. Read as much as you can and ask any questions needed.

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