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Just wanted to introduce myself, recently diagnosed through a blood test and biopsy and am now diving into the wonderful world of being wheatless. Wanted to see if anyone had any of these symptoms?

It is quite overwhelming at first. I work in a city and typically eat out for lunch, and I dont even know where to begin.

I still can't get a grasp on it entirely and almost think there is something else going on too.

I have had barretts esphogus for about 3 years (first time it showed up on an endoscopy). I am 33. Lately I was having chronic burping, at all times of day, and chest tightness with difficulty breathing. I also had major abdomen pain on random occasions including after bowel movements. I also have pain in my upper right quadrant (where they say gall bladder pain is, but yet no gall bladder issues apparently)

Has anyone had these symptoms? Will they get better with the gluten free diet? I am relatively in shape, go to gym often and try not to eat too unhealthy. But this is going to be different.

For the longest time my old GI said I had IBS and would give me bentyl. I had to go to a different GI doctor who first was convinced it was my gallbladder. But after testing, this popped up. (I even had a HIDA scan and had 83% ejection fraction)

Just looking for some guidance. Thanks in advance.

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Hi welcome to the board!

i do have pain in my right lower ribcage are. Right where my gall bladder was. you may notice your constant pain lighten up. But holy crap watch out for the first time you accidentaly ingest gluten!

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