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I Want To Slap My Doctor In The Face

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When I supposedly had IBS, Bentyl didn't do a thing for me. Zelnorm helped a little. THe gluten-free diet (after I kind was tested as part of a research project) resolved all digestive trouble, even when stressed. I hated when they said it was stress. I was just like, if my system cannot handle me going to work every day, then I am in trouble. IBS is a load of crap ;) in my opinion. They are doing lots of studies on it at UNC Chapel Hill though (where I was tested). If you haven't already, get some references and have your doctor refer you to the best GI doc in town. Hopefully they will know more about testing for a treating celiac. It is so important to be on the same page as your doc and feel like you are being helped.

Blood work positive

Dx with IBS 5 years ago

Dx with Celiac and gluten-free since 6/17/05

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