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Good Doctor In St Louis, Mo Area

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My 9 year old daughter is displaying symptoms of gluten intolerance. Blood test came back negative for Celiac. Took her to Children's. They told me she was stressed and I should "assure and distract" her. Didn't even listen to my concerns. I do not think her problems are related to stress. When I told them I do not agree, they told me again to assure and distract her. Anyone know a good doctor who is willing to listen? Maybe even consider the idea that she might be gluten intolerant, even with negative celiac blood test.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello there! Sorry to hear of your daughter's problems. There are indeed different levels of gluten allergy or intolerance, so even if Celiac is ruled out, there still might be some problems there.

While getting a second opinion is important, forcing a diagnosis of 'Celiac' or 'Gluten Intolerant' could be an exhausting and unnecessary game to play. St. Louis is home to some of the most established hospitals in the country, including the outstanding Barnes Jewish hospital branches. While it is certainly possible that a doctor you visit (or even the 2nd or 3rd) might mis-diagnose symptoms, a doctor's advice is typically much more qualified than our own. What sounds to be the real problem here is that you don't feel that they listened to you, which is a shame. A doctor should always have your health concerns as his/her first priority.

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