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Rash / Body Aches / Timing On Reactions

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Yo! Relative newbie here. I have lyme disease and my doctor urged me to go gluten-free when diagnosed with lyme (wheat is inflammatory/lyme often causes Celiac/autoimmune diseases so most lyme docs urge patients to go gluten-free from the start). But because I didn't think I had a gluten intolerance I followed more of a gluten reduced diet rather than 100% free.

Well, 6 months ago I suddenly started bloating like crazy and ever since then has been a maddening attempt to get to the root of all this water retention/sporadic constipation/mood swings/depression. I've been to the gynecologist, endocrinologist, gastro, rhuematologist and we've ruled out gallbladder disease, thyroid, ovarian cancer..

Every now and then I have a random day or two where all the sudden the bloating subsides completely and totally, which has had me suspicious of hormones the whole time. When my docs started pushing for food allergy testing and I saw how expensive it was I decided to do an elimination diet instead. For the first 13 days there was no change in the bloating, but I did feel great.

Then unfortunately I had a lyme flare-up. (flu-like achy/feel like I'm dying) This zapped my ability to continue the elimination diet strictly-didn't have the energy to cook, etc. But on the next day

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Response time is pretty darn variable it seems, as well as symptoms. Personally I can tell within an hour usually. But some people take a day or more to feel symptoms, and some people get no symptoms at all. So it's kind of all over the place.

There are about 300 symptoms of celiac disease, so you can bet your fluey achey feeling is in there somewhere too.

Sorry about the lyme, there have been several people with lyme on the board and it seem like they did say the symptoms seem to overlap. Seems like a confusing combo to have.

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I don't know much about Lyme, but do know it can have far-reaching long-term effects. I'm going to put a link here to a blog I read a lot, please ignore the political parts and read about her experience with Lyme. You may find the politics disagreeable, but Lyme cuts across all ideologies!

I don't know if anything she is describing fits your experience, but it would be good to have all the information you can get when dealing with this stuff!


Good luck to you.

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