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My Last Gluten Frontiers...

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So my doctor says I'm still "slightly positive" for Celiac which surprised me since I went gluten free in November 2010, the week before friggin' Thanksgiving (my absolute favorite holiday of the year because of my mom's cooking). Sheesh!

I wonder if I was getting "glutened" by:

bacon at restaurants (I cut out ordering bacon, my arteries are happier anyway)

BW3 "gluten free" menu offerings (I cut out going there too...that kind of sucks but I would get the "D" every now and then right after which I thought was weird)

Red Bull (regular)

plain canned beans not labeled "gluten free"

Nestle's Toll House semi-sweet morsels

Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds

Giant Eagle Spanish Olives (with the pimento)

Aleve (not the gelcaps, just regular and I hardly ever used it)

Allegra-D (again, taken quite infrequently)

Those little coffee creamers at restaurants...I ask for a little milk now

Grade A honey

That's about it, I'm pretty versed now on what is safe and not safe, and now I don't eat ANYTHING not labeled gluten free.

I suspected it was eating out at BW3 which I did most often (but not now). I still go out to breakfast on the weekends but only to two places and order the same thing...scrambled eggs and fresh hash browns (not from a bag).

Any thoughts? The doc seemed a little surprised too. I had questions about my blood work I posted on another board on the forum; I find that stuff confusing.

I just want a follow-up visit where he says "Congrats, you're negative for the Celiac" because the longer I'm not the more I worry that "something else" is going on. But I do know my blood tests show I'm now just slightly positive (as opposed to before) from whatever blood readings they look at for that.


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Do your breakfast places use flour to make pancakes and such?

If they do, then flour can easily settle on the grill where your hashbrowns are made.

I gave up eating where they use actual flour to make things from scratch.

I was getting sick eating out so I realized this had to be it for me.

Since I gave up eating out I have only been glutened one time and that was my fault for not thinking to cover my drink when I warmed it in someone's microwave. Just thoughts.

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For sure check out scrambled eggs when you order out!!! You will be surprised who all adds pancake flour to make their eggs fluffy... remember gluten is everywhere & hidden too...

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It can take 2-5 years to recover from celiac, with a median of 1.9. If your blood readings are falling consistently you're probably doing OK.

Nothing on your list would concern me except the Blue Diamond smokehouse almonds. If I remember correctly, they run wheat-containing flavors on the same production line.

Have you asked carefully about flour in the hash browns? I have run across two different restaurants who toss their potatoes in a bit of flour to help them brown. You also may be getting CC on a griddle if they are cooking your eggs and hash browns where the pancakes are cooked.

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