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ok so I haven't had any gluten free "treats" cakes, cookies, brownies... in awhile and I made some yesterday. I have my own kitchen, bowls, spoons etc. that have never touched gluten, I have used this recipe (bob's red mill) before with no problem, well I made them (eggless like always) and I had 2 small brownies yesterday at lunch time, about 2 hours later I felt sick. I ended up not sleeping at all last night, having d and nausea and severe gas last night and today. I'm not sure if it was the mix or if it was the sugar content (don't usually have much sugar) or the chocolate (don't usually have much chocolate either) or what...Any ideas? sorry this was kind of a rant cause I still feel awful and I have had no sleep so that makes everything worse...


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No telling.

Have you considered testing something simpler to see if you react? Maybe a nut-based cookie, no chocolate, low sugar? Elanas Pantry may have a recipe that fits. You may find a bean- based recipe that's simple, too, on the web.

I have a problem eating large quantities of sugar, now. Makes me feel as you described, especially when I first went gluten-free. IMO you didn't eat a huge amount - just maybe more than you can handle right now.

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