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Help With Daughters Results

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Just came back from the Dr. today. I have Celiac and got my daughter tested. We were there for the results. My doctor said she is "slightly positive" and then later on admitted he didn't know much about Celiac. Well at least he was truthfull. Can anyone tell me their opinion of her results? Thanks much!

Tissue Translutaminase AB IgA


Reference range

Negative <5

Equivocal 5-8

Postitive >8

Result <3

Gliadin (Deamidated Petide) AB IgA

Gliadin AB IGA Result 5

Reference ranges

<20 units Antibody Not Detected

> or = 20 units Antiboey Detected

IGA SERUM Result 346 H Reference Range 57 - 300 mg/dL

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Your results are negative, but could be a false negative. How young is your daughter? Testing is less reliable as the child's age decreases--false negatives are common. The total IGA is normal, which in adults tends to validate the other results. A deficient serum IGA means that a low reading on specific antibodies may be systemic and not diagnostic. That is not the case here.

That said, that is not a complete celiac test panel. No IGG tests are mentioned--they are more specific and sensitive. And there is another, newer test that I can't recall the specifics of that is even more definitive. Somebody will chime in.

I was diagnosed almost twelve years ago. Blood screening was in its infancy, so I didn't experience it myself and am hardly an expert. ;)

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Hi there,

I agree that it doesn't seem that all the tests are listed. Maybe there were more?

Also, positive is positive...generally. It's kind of like being "sort of" pregnant.

All in all, my best advice is to find the very best pediatric GI you can within driveable distance (although I would fly if I had to). We found an excellent Ped GI by asking the various Celiac Disease advocacy groups and looking at who was on the medical advisory boards.

If it makes you feel any better, one of my twin girls had to have three blood draws to get the right bloodwork done (and to rule out other things because her first round of testing was negative).

Hang in there!

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Thank you for your responses. It really is frustrating when dr.s dont know anything. He kept saying it was in her colan. My daughter is almost 16. We are going to do the 2 week trial and see how that goes.

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