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Help On How To Deal With A New Shrink For My Teenager

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Hi everyone. Both my daughter and I have tested negatve for celiac on the blood panel however I am as sure as is possible that we have it (perhpas in very mind form) or more likely, gluten sensitivity. There is a long history for me with neuro symptoms, i have firbro and epbsein barr, lyme came back indefinite 2x.

On now to my daughter, and I am sorry there may not be a lot of details as I am very short on time. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

She has had GI issues for years. terrible pains, sweats and D following it.

The pediatric gatroentestinologist after SPEAKING to us said she probably has IB. Oh boy, did we feel 'enlightened'. How typical of a regular dorctor to be so general, although this one was a specialist. Anyhow, this was several months ago.

My daughter is NOT gluten free, when she is out of the house she gets it. The thing is because I have almost (but not entirely) eliminated it at home her terrible GI Symptoms have for the most part vanished, she just goes back to the old habits.

Our family DR xwrote on the referral papar schitsofrenia(sp), oh gosh! I have a friend who is a neurologist and he said she DOES NOT have it. I have read that gluten DOES cause it and therefore it makes very logical sense that my daughter is expereincing hearing whispers as a glutening reaction. She is almost 16.

Some one heard of this and we are in essence made to go to this doctor not of our volition...

I will come armed with books and articles which link gluten to neurological disturbances.

I hope very much she has an open mind and will not force any pill on my child.

(even if this is the case I will very doubtfully allow her to take them...)

It makes no sense that unless ALL GLUTEN which if i am not mistaken takes many months to leave the body, is GONE FROM THE BODY, to discount this, in light of her symptoms and my history.

PLEASE if you have ANY AT ALL SUGGESTIONS I am very much grateful

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A 16yo will get gluten if she wants it. Does she not credit gluten-free w/ fewer GI issues?

About a decade ago, I was 99% gluten-free & had auditory hallucinations every day. More like overhearing pointless things when no one around than thinking God told me to be President or some insidious Son of Sam type of commands from the neighbor's dog.

It went away pretty quickly once I was 100% gluten-free.

So it's her choice.

(Not that I'm certain it'll work on the aud hallu, but w/out 100% gluten-free the GI probs likely return)

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You need to sit down and have a serious talk with your daughter about the kind of life she wants to have. It can be one full of drug change after drug change, electric shock therapy, even institutions if she does not make a commitment to the diet. Don't expect her dr or therapist to think you are anything but a controlling mother who won't face reality. The reality is, if she goes gluten-free, she will PROBABLY not need any of the above. If she does not, she probably will. 16 is mature enough to hear the hard facts. The schizo/gluten connection is very well documented- bost many drs don't care to read the documents!

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also, .yme is known to cause auditory halluzinations. And, people with lyme probably must stay gluten free until they are treated and well (that is if the gluten sensitivity is from lyme) maybe she inherited lyme disease.

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