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Scopes Over And Now Waiting.

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Iv was a sinch. My veins are tiny and it is usually a chore for me.

I don't remember a thing.

Prep sucked for colonoscopy. The Miralax drink was not bad, but before that I was to take four docolax and I ended up with cramps and vomiting.

Dr. Seen me before procedure. Reminded me he could get rid of stomach and bowl issues and make those feel better but not my migraines and other issues. "okay?" he said. And he would be taking multiple samples from intestine, colon.

I only remember being in my room after that.

Husband says dr. Said did see inflammation in stomach and he bopsied that, also

Have to wait a week for results, maybe Friday if lucky, possibly Monday.

Rested for the rest of the day.

I have pics labeled egd colon. I have four of them

Anyone else have stomach inflammation?

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When I had my EGD, my GI dr. said I had gastritis, which is just another word for inflammation. And the photos I came home with showed the same. So I think it's pretty common.

I hear you on the colonoscopy prep...it sucks but I survived.

Make sure you pick up copies of the pathology reports when you go back to see the doctor for your follow-up.

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I too have gastritis, the stomach inflammation . Hope all turns out for you.

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