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I had my children tested for celiac disease after my diagnosis, and both of their results came back negative. Yay! However, my concern is that my son is allergic to milk, egg, wheat, soy and peanut, so he is not currently eating gluten. His results have me a little confused. The range for tissue transglutaminase ab iga was <5 neg, 5-8 equivocal, >8 pos. His result was <3. Shouldn't it be ZERO if he doesn't eat any of it anyway??? And the gliadin/gluten iga ab range was <11 neg, 11-17 equivocal, >17 pos with his result being 9. Again, shouldn't it be ZERO???

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I don't know if it ever gets down to zero . . . just within "normal" range.

However, wheat free doesn't mean gluten free . . . he could still be getting gluten in things like Rice Krispies (barley malt) or other things?

My son has been gluten-free for over a year and his numbers are right in the middle of "normal".


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You will rarely encounter anyone with zero antibodies - we all make a few. That is why they have calculated those ranges. Of course, his eating no wheat could have affected his score and if he is allergic to wheat I would watch carefully for symptoms of celiac. How long has he been wheat free? And did his problems with milk show up before or after wheat?

Oh, and 'scuse my manners, Welcome to the Board :)

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