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Hidden Gluten-Free Foods In Australia

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Hi guys,

I'm a 19 year old girl, who is the only one in my house that is gluten intolerant.

I have been on this diet for over a month now, I feel so much better, I used to be

on this diet a few years back but I started eating gluten again (I wish I didn't!!!).

I got so bad that everyday I would feel sick. But its all good now and I'm so much happier!!

What I would like to know from you fellow Aussie celiacs is, are there any foods that

do not state they are Gluten free, but they have no gluten in them at all.

I have actually found a few but I'd love to hear more!!

I have found that Original Doritos corn chips, Red Rock deli sea salt chips,

Praise Italian Dressing, Minties!!! do not say they contain gluten and have not affected me.

Thankyou all!! xx

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There's a LONG Aussie thread on this forum that has been going on for years, and those folks have LOTS of information to share. My daughter is a permanent resident in North Bondi, and I visit her every year. You are so very lucky to live in such a wonderful place where people with gluten intolerance are treated like normal folks. Geez, sandwiches, pizzas, etc., just about everywhere! I wish I could live there! Anyway, the thread can be found in the Gluten-Free International Room forum. I'm sure you'll be welcome there.

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Thank you for your reply, and I will have a look, it's just hard sometimes to go through the whole supermarket looking at labels or just assuming things have gluten in them when you can actually eat them!! But you are right, we are very lucky here to be accepted so well!!


Ebony :) xx

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These "Gluten Free" foods are not hidden. They just don't claim to be gluten-free ..

As we have the most stringent Gluten-free Labelling Laws in the world, many manufacturers do not make the claim as they cannot guarantee 100% compliance over time. Materials and formulae vary with the source availability. Whichever product may be essentially gluten-free today, may not be next month, or even next year ..

That is why you always read the labels, and know what the rules are, so you know what you are reading ... If it says gluten-free, then it is ... if it does not, read the label ..

Note: Imported product that claims "gluten free" abides by our rules. Gluten-free means no "detectable gluten" and "detectable" means less than 3ppm gluten ..

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