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Symptoms. Celiac?

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I'm very new to this and only 17, lately I have been sick and it has been suggested by someone I know with Celiac to get tested for it. I am not completely convinced, but I definitely have almost all the associated symptoms of Celiac disease; the problem is the symptoms are so vague, they could be anything. I feel like the vagueness of symptoms is an issue for a number of people in considering Celiac disease or gluten intolerance as something they might have, so I hope by listing my symptoms and experiences with this as I find out what is wrong with me (doctor appointment tomorrow guessing blood tests to follow) it might be useful to others pre-diagnosis, whether these symptoms eventuate to Celiac disease or some other problem.


(bear in mind I am currently studying year 12 which is my final and very stressful year, and am also finding stress through my parents divorce, stress is definitely a huge impactor on my symptoms)

- swelling of my left eyelids and bloodshot eye, swells to size of large golf ball, very uncomfortable.

- very gassy, constantly belching and hiccuping, stomach making all sorts of weird noises and constant stomach discomfort

- exhaustion and fatigue, often I just cry and cry and cry for no reason and spend most of my spare time sleeping

- I have a naturally small waist yet lately my stomach varies from flat to very swollen

- general aches and pains associated with most health problems - headaches, ear aches, joint pain

- bleeding gums when I brush my teeth or eat apples, and mouth ulcers quite regularly

- horrible sick feeling, like I have the worst flu of my life but no actual symptoms

- the feeling like something horrible is radiating from my stomach to my entire body like a poison

- constant uncontrollable eating, even when I feel like I couldn't fit in a sip of water, I still manage to continue eating and end up physically ill, never feel like food gives me

any energy or anything it just feels like empty weight

- no energy ever!!!!!!!!!!!

ok so if you're still reading I know some of these symptoms aren't t all Celiac symptoms, but that's my overall picture of health. I guess I'm hoping from this I might hear from people who have experienced similar things and what they have found, and I too will update this with news I receive as to what's wrong with me because I am determined to fix this I cannot keep living like this.

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