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Celiac, Lymph Nodes, & Lymphoma

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July 1, 2012

I recently lost 20 lbs. I'm a weight gaining celiac: so to lose weight I had to CUT IT OUT and exercise a lot.

about a year ago I notices 2 swollen nodes on the L side of my neck. PET scan revealed nothing scary.

NOW: I have noticed I have tons of swollen nodes in my neck and head. Also on the back of my neck-a large lump. The nodes are pressing on a nerve in my left arm. I have been having some slight shortness of breath, and chest pains. I'm heading to the doc Thursday am.

Anybody ever had experience with almost all their nodes swollen/ or a diagnoses of lymphoma

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Okay, my experience is probably WAY different from yours, since your original PET scan showed nothing. My breast cancer recently metastasized to the lymph nodes in my neck and chest. One of the symptoms was shortness of breath and difficulty breathing, in general, because one of the lymph nodes near my thyroid was pressing on my windpipe. My symptoms have since been relieved by a supplement that has been very successful in treating cancer (clinical trials here in the U.S. and elsewhere) called Artemisinin. Please send me a personal message if your lymph node situation turns out to be cancer--this supplement has saved many lives, and the symptoms go away within 10 days. It also works well with traditional cancer treatments.

Oh, and since you asked about how celiac might be associated with lymphoma, I've read that there might be a connection....but, again, please don't get too worried at this point. Your lymph nodes might be swollen for a reason other than cancer. Don't jump to conclusions!

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There is a risk of developing lymphoma with long undiagnosed celiac. But your chances go down, to those of any other person's risk factor-- the longer you remain gluten-free.

There are several pub med articles about this topic, but here is a summary:

"Lymphomas: Cancer of the lymphatic system that begins in the lymphoid tissue.

Who Gets GI Lymphomas?

Most patients have no known risk factors, old age seems to be the greatest factor in developing lymphomas. Some genetic risks factors that cause abnormal function of the immune system can also lead to lymphomas, as well as a diet high in animal fat and low in fruits and vegetables. Exposure to radiation and certain chemicals can increase the risk of lymphomas. Immune deficiencies—from organ transplants, etc, autoimmune diseases, and some infections can also increase the likelihood of a lymphoma developing."


I agree with Rosetapper--do not assume anything, hon.

Go see your doctor.

Hope everything is okay.

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