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My Confusing Situation

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All -

So my situation is kind of odd. Here's the timeline:

1. One month ago - Went to the doctor and got a general blood test which showed that my AST/ALT levels (liver) were incredibly high.

2. Three weeks ago - Because my liver function was abnormal, my doctor ordered a whole battery of specific blood tests. This test was done by Bio-Reference Labs and included the following: (1) Endomysial Antibody (EMA); (2) Gliagin IGA; and (3) Gliadin IGG. I'm not sure whether the Gliagin IGG/IGA were AGA tests or DGP tests. Also, my liver came back to normal levels on the second test.

The tests came back as follows:

EMA - Negative

Gliadin IGA - Negative

Gliadin IGG - Positive (I was 84 and the ref range is <20).

My doctor said I had Celiac Sprue but I was skeptical. So I went back to the doctor and asked him for different tests with Quest.

3. Two weeks ago - I stayed on a gluten containing diet and got the following tests from Quest (with results):

IGA, Serum - Negative (I was 280 and the ref range is 84 to 463)

TTG AB IGA - Negative (I was <3 and the ref range is <5)

EMA - Negative

Gliadin Deamidated (DGP) IGG - Negative (I was 3 and the ref range is <20)

Gliadin Deamidated (DGP) IGA - Negative (I was 4 and the ref range is <20)

So my question is...what is going on?? I'm not really sure how to interpret these results. My doc first told me I had celiac and then after the second test he says I definitely don't have celiac. What test should I believe? What is wrong with my liver? I also have a soy allergy.

Any help??


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