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Constant Self Doubt

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I am back on Gluten after over 3 weeks of gluten-free because I am going to a new Dr on the 16th.

For the last few days I have been really sick. Just extremely irritable, snapping at everyone, having hot flashes, crazy fog head, dizziness, stomach cramps, migraine every day.

Today for dinner, I had a steak and cheese sub and a slice of pizza and I came home waiting for the inevitable onslaught of sickness only, it hasnt come yet. So now I am sitting here thinking..well now, what if gluten isnt my problem..I dont get it, what arent I getting sick. What if everything I was so sure of is wrong..what if my original GI dr is right and its all negative, with not even an intolerance..

but as I sit here, my head is starting to spin.

I just don't know. I am almost embarassed to go to a new dr and have everything really be negative, and for me to think I am intolerant when its something totally different. I am so tired of trying to figure out what the problem is. Gluten seems to be the perfect culprit. Everything that is wrong with me are gluten intolerance symptoms from my migraines, to my crazy itchy burning rash on my fingers and back of my neck...

would symptoms come and go like that..instantaneous some days and delayed others?

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Yes. Even amongst dx celiacs the reaction can vary greatly. There were times shortly after my dx when I cheated- and nothing happened. Now that I have been gluten-free over a year I have an immediate and definite reaction to small amounts of cc, but initially, it was very unpredictable and had I not had the dx, I would not have pinpointed gluten as the culprit.

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I've had celiac my whole life but I was diagnosed just a week ago. I didn't always feel bad when I ate gluten but I had more than my fair share of stomach aches and bloating, migraines and joint pain.

With 20/20 hindsight I can see that overall I felt most poorly while eating a lot of gluten, but there were days and weeks when I felt fine.

I would say that the coming and going of symptoms would mean very little for a gluten intolerance.

Good luck with the new doc.

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