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I started with severe stomach pains under my left ribs. One day I could eat gluten the next day terribly sick from it. Told to start an elimination diet. Out of the blue got suck from soy. I have had all sites of issues like fibromyalgia, iron defiant anemia and the latest is to get an itchy burning face, feet and eyelids whenever I eat anything, including my meds. Then yesterday I got this pain that runs down my back on the right side from the shoulder blade to the ribs. Nothing like heat, ice or Tylenol helped that. This really hurts and there is some thought this is liver related or gallbladder but all labs were normal for this on 6/28. Allergy doc said itchiness is not a symptom of celiacs, but rashes are. I have no rash.

Has anyone had similar types of symptoms. The itchiness from ingesting anything seemed to relate to taking a Zantac. The back pain was out if the blue.

I am so confused and yet to be diagnosed. Any ideas are welcome. I see the celiac specialist on the 27th.


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