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Positive Labe Result Question

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My 4 year old had a TTG IgA Aby and TTG IgG Aby done last year (this was proceeded by a long bout of perianal strep). The results came back 175 U/mL IgA and 1.6 U/mL IgG. After having both ends scoped, he was diagnosed latent Celiac. We decided to hold off on the gluten free diet and check back in a year. This years numbers were <1.2 U/mL IgA and 2.4 U/mL IgG. His doctor said because the IgG test came back positive, we should probably consider moving him to a gluten free diet.

Before we transition him in to such a life change, I want to feel reasonably comfortable that he is indeed Celiac. The things I don't understand are how do you go from 175 to < 1.2 U/mL IgA unless you were dealing with some sort of acute event? Is 2.4 U/mL IgG really a positive test (or concern worthy)? The lab report indicated < 15.0 U/mL was negative for both tests and > 30 U/mL was positive, although that conflicts with what his doctor is saying. If IgA is more specific to Celiac and it's now negative, with no change in diet, what about these tests (other than the high IgA last year) would suggest he might be Celiac?

I of course will be asking his doctor the same questions, but I thought I'd get any alternate points of view.

Any thoughts?

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