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Waiting To Get Glutened!

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So I started looking at gluten intolerance as a possibility for my chronic stomach/digestive issues a little over a year ago and stumbled on DH information along the way. Ive only been part of the gluten-free community for less than a year, but it is very evident when I ingest gluten from my physical symptoms that I am sensitive at least, celiac at most. Blood tests were neg. and now I am patiently waiting for a DH outbreak so that I can run to the Dr. for a biopsy. I actually found someone in my state who not only knew what I was talking about, but agreed that it looked like DH to him too. My problem is that the glutening usually occurs when I am out of town and accidently ingest gluten and I cannot get back to their office before the blister pops. He told me that the biopsy needs the blister intact and needs the skin surrounding the blister. My question to fellow suffers..."Do I intentionally gluten myself while I am in town and the office is open?" Desperate for someone to confirm my diagnosis. It's hard not to feel a little like a crazy hypochonriac sometimes!

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