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First, to be honest I do not have DH. I did used to get eczema and I know that one is itchy. Anyway I learned to make homemade soap. I now have skin in very good condition. I am sure there is alot more to it my improvement then my soap. But my eczema went away with my first batches of soap. I won't guarantee all of your problems will go away, but it is worth a try.

My soap contains

Coconut oil

Pomace olive oil

Palm Kernal oil

distilled water

Essential oil (optional for scent or healing power)

and lye

You need to take safety precautions and study how to make soap if you want to try making it.

Blessings to you and I hope this will help someone.

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That is so sweet & thoughtful of you to post this for us!smile.gif Thank you!

One day I hope I will be able to make it but at present the house we are renting does not lend itself to anything more than the basics. I scream every time I go in the kitchen. It's like someone designed the worst functioning kitchen they could think of.blink.gif But now I know what ingredients work for you & the eczema & I'm sure it will work for us. We know it will be gluten-free!biggrin.gif I'm just using a glycerin soap right now.

I am sure there are others on here who would like to make their own soap & will be grateful too.

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I started using a homemade lye soap called Grandma's lye soap and it is wonderful stuff. It didn't bother my skin even when my rash was active. I hesitated because the word lye makes it sound harsh, but it really is lovely, and leaves your skin soft and smooth. I wish I had time for making homemade soap, but alas, I do not. Can you post the recipe in case I wanna spend my vacation days making soap? :P Like the amounts of each? Or is that a trade secret? Thanks for the information that it has helped your skin. :)

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Making soap.

3 lbs distilled water (at room temp or cooler)

469 7/10 grams sodium hydroxide (Lye) It must be pure. Red Devil brand I have used

3 lbs 8 oz olive oil

2 lbs 8 oz coconut oil

2 pounds vegetable shortening

40-50 grams pure essential oil for scent and/or healing benefits.

I line a box with an unscented white garbage bag.

I dissolve the lye in the distilled water outside in a glass jar. I use googles, long sleeve windbreaker, and gloves.

Melt the coconut oil and shortening on the stove. Add the olive oil.

Cool the sodium hydroxide mix and the oil mix to 80 degrees farenheit.

Then, with googles and other safety equipment on: While stirring oils, pour the lye mix in a thin stream into the oil mix.

Mix possibly up to an hour. When a small amount of the mix is drizzled over top and a design is left before going back into the mix it is tracing.

Add Essential oil and stir in well.

Pour the mix into your "Mold." Place in a place that it will not get breezes or disturbed. I place mine in a plastic container and place the cover over it. I leave my googles, jacket, and gloves there to warn my family it is soap.

The next day after 24-48 hours, or up to a week, cut when the bars are firm enough to handle. Don't wait until they are rock hard. I usually cut them in 24 hours, but sometimes mine are still a bit mushy.

Lastly Cure the bars 4-6 weeks. I set mine upright on bare cardboard boxes. Plain brown bags is another option. (Newspaper is not recommended, unless you like ink mixed in)

A couple of Optional Nutrients for added skin healing:

Shea Butter 2 oz melted at trace

Evening Primrose oil 2 oz added at trace.

Peppermint Essential oil is good for the skin.


This does require atleast l thermometer that has 80 degree F.

An accurate scale with metric and English measurements.

I get my lye from Camden Grey by mail. One use to be able to find it in the drain cleaner at hardware stores and grocery. Perhaps one still can.

This isn't my Reserve Champion Recipe; I felt it would be the easiest I had for a beginner. Still it might be better to watch a how to make soap video on line if you are beginning. I am glad to answer any questions if you PM me.



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