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Is It Normal For Symptoms To Worsen After gluten-free?

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Hi all I have now been gluten free for two weeks, whilst I have noticed an improvement in many symptoms, I am now having really bad joint pain and tingling fingers, also getting a rash thing too, is it normal for symptoms to be erratic this early? I would assume they would get no worse? I don't think I have eaten gluten, however share same butter etc could that be a problem?

Also I read about a two week test, give up gluten and then go back on after two weeks and see what happens, is that a safe/wise test to do?


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If you share butter and condiments with people who use gluten bread and stick their knife back in the butter or condiment then you are getting gluten. You have to have your own clean butter, peanut butter, jelly, and comdiments. Things like Mayo are commonly used and the knife is stuck back in the jar so there is gluten there. That is probably why you still feel lousy and are having symptoms. You need your own toaster and colander too. Cross contamination is a huge issue for those of us avoiding gluten.

So you have really been gluten light for 2 weeks.

If you are doing a gluten challenge, you have to get rid of all sources of gluten and then re-introduce it.

You can try to get your diet really gluten free for another two weeks and then do a challenge if you like.

I've seen people recommend staying off of gluten for anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months for a gluten challenge, but basically it is up to you. It takes longer than 2 weeks to figure out how and where gluten is hiding, for example, in the butter you share with others. So for that reason I think some recommend being gluten free longer.

Yes, to your question about recovery being erratic for some people. For example you got great improvement from going gluten light, but your body is still telling you that you are getting gluten what with the joint pain etc. Also, some people experience increased sensitivity once they go gluten free...meaning smaller and smaller amounts of gluten will cause reactions and symptoms. Some people notice shockingly severe symptoms on getting cross contamination once the system is clean of gluten. That's when they know they will stay gluten free for life and they become more vigilant about cross contamination.

Do some reading about cross contamination...it will make all the difference if you are trying to be gluten free.

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