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Tiny Bits Of Mucus While Healing

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Something happened to me earlier the month that i thought might have been brought on by paprika or a glutening etc ...not sure still but with that being said..i've felt great the last week or two. With this I want to say i still get small pieces of mucus come out from time to time. Very small bits.But i feel fine. Is this normal? I was just on a thread in the leaky gut forum and saw that someone said this "If you quit gluten "cold-turkey", then your body is probably in a "cleanse mode". That means the toxic filled mucus inside your body is dissolving. Some of it is eliminated through the intestines. Part of it is eliminated via the bloodstream and liver. This cleansing process will cause the intestines to become irritated for awhile."

Is it possible that these bits of mucus are that my body is cleaning out mucus/intestinal damage?

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