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How many of you have symptoms after eating corn? Anytime I eat corn, even popcorn gives me symptoms. Am I alone or does anyone else have these problems?

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Many people have reported having corn as one of their secondary intolerances after giving up gluten. You can do a search here by entering Corn intolerance in the search bar/box. I have read many threads on this subject.

I'm sure you will get replies from current members who are reacting to corn, but wanted you to know that you are not the only one and give you a way to read about other corn intolerants. :)

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Corn has been a real problem for me. It is in EVERYTHING! There are several corn allergy forums on the web that you should research. Even though we have an intolerance to corn rather than a true allergy, there are a lot of intolerant folks on their forums, and you will find lists of foods and ingredients to watch out for.

Corn is not one of the "top eight" allergens so they don't have to disclose it when corn is used in processing something. It might be used for example (IS used actually) to vitamin fortify things like milk and cereal and rice. It is called a "carrier". It is also the usual carrier for "flavoring", "natural flavor", and often "color".

Corn is in the vegetable wash they use on bagged ready to eat salads and those baby carrots you see in bags at the store. Corn starch is the filler in almost all medications. (I have to have meds made at a compounding pharmacy.) The clear plastic bottles individual servings of water comes in are now made with corn.

If you have skin problems, be careful because some toilet paper, paper towels, facial tissue, and even paper plates have corn in them. Tea bags usually have corn in them. (They use it to help dry the wet paper and to keep it from sticking together.)

After 14 months gluten-free and corn free, I finally got corn starch back. I still couldn't tolerate corn meal and I never even tried corn syrup or corn oil. But then I got glutened by some cross contaminated rice, and it has set me back to square one. As crummy as getting glutened made me feel, the fact that I have lost corn again is the worst part, simply because it is so hard to avoid. :(

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