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Has Anyone Volunteered With Feed My Starving Children?

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Not sure where to post this, but since it's the ingredients I'm concerned with here we go...

Just wondering if anyone has volunteered with Feed My Starving Children and experienced any negative reactions. (Feed My Starving Children packs food to be sent to areas in need)

Looking at the list of ingredients that get packaged it looks like it should be ok, but as always I'm a little paranoid.

Thank you!


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Are the foods already packaged? My hub's work packs the weekend backpack meals for kids. Everything is individually wrapped when we buy it. For example juice boxes, canned tuna, applesauce cups. If you have to scoop up flour and re-package it into smaller bins, I wouldn't do that.



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I did this just last weekend! I didn't have any problems, but I wasn't actually scooping the food -- I was sealing the packages and packing the boxes. The ingredients are rice, veggies, chicken and soy. I'm really sensitive to any gluten and have very bad DH but I was fine. Good luck! It's a great organization to support :)

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