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I Think I Have Celiac. 26 Male.

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I've been dieting recently, and as such haven't been eating any wheat products (Just fish and veg for the most part). I recently had a pizza, and I noticed my face got swollen. I assumed this was just water retention or something though. For 4 days after that I had really bad bloating, constipation, and gurgling in my stomach. Some abdominal pain too. The doctor prescribed me senna for basic constipation.

I thought that whatever was wrong with me had cleared up. I stopped at subway on my way home today and picked up a sandwich, ate it, and bam - my cheeks got swollen again (and now they itch a bit too), and I hear that gurgling in my stomach once more along with some bloating.

These digestive and allergic reactions are not normal for me. Does this sound like Celiac to you? Is it normal for Celiac to just manifest in adults like this? Should I worry about fertility?

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errr, that sounds more like an allergy along with celiac. Stay on it, get tested with a full blood panel (someone on here knows it) and do the endoscopy, then go gluten free.

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