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Missing Ramen

New To Celiac

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I've just been diagnosed with celiacs disease after a colonoscopy and blood test.

I had went two years with many different problems with my lower quarters. I was

constantly told by doctors eat more fiber and things to help me. Which caused even more damage

because well I ate all wheat allllll the time. Great right? I'm getting used to the diet well it's only been about 5 days on the gluten free diet. I went shopping and Could not find anything good gluten free foods. Any recommendations?

I need a lot of advice and help here.

Thank you :blink:

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Great name :)

You are best off sticking to whole foods when newly diagnosed - meats, vegies, fruits, rice, potatoes. Others will join in with many good suggestions.

My question to you = what were your favorite foods to eat before your diagnosis? Perhaps we can help find replacements to make your transition a bit better.

Hang in there - the transition is very tough, but it does get much easier with time :)

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I agree completely with GottaSki....but if you miss Ramen, check out the Thai noodles--lots of options there.

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