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How Long To Get Results After Testing?

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I met with the GI doctor this week and I will have an endoscopy and a colonoscopy (separate appts) in two weeks. He is going to test for celiac, among other things. I wondered how long on the average after these procedures to have results? I am eating gluten (gluten-loading?!) until after the testing is done.

Also, as a separate question altogether, has anyone suffered significant hair loss as a result of celiac? Did you notice any changes after the gluten-free diet or using gluten-free hair products?


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Blood tests usually take about 2 weeks. It sounds like endoscopies often take a couple of weeks to analyze. You'll probably know by mid December.

I have had slow steady hair loss with celiac. I used to have very thick fine hair. My hair is pretty brittle and thin now. If you look at me straight on, you can see my scalp about 1-2" back from my hair line. It's very annoying. I did get significant hair regrowth when I went gluten-free 4 months ago; I have tufts of 2-4" long hair coming in all over my head. Unfortunately, I have undertreated hypothyroidism which also causes hair loss, and I suspect another AI disorder which causes it to come out in (bald) spots all over my scalp so that is hampering my regrowth.

Many also find that the vitamin deficiencies lead to hair loss. I personally have found that hair loss is not related to vitamin levels for me but everyone has such a different experience with this disease, so that won't apply to others.

Biosil is a supplement that many have found to help their regrowth. I've been on it for a week or two and haven't seen improvement yet, but it is most likely way to soon to tell if it will work for me.

I haven't used gluten-free hair products because I don't think gluten is absorbed through the skin. I switched to gluten-free lip gloss though because I tend to eat lip stick. LOL

Good luck with the testing! :)

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