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  1. If your only symptom was “stomach pain” then that should improve with a strict gluten free diet. Sometimes the doctor will do a follow-up (tTG)-IgA test to see if the diet has been effective. Before my diagnosis my only symptom was acid reflux. Now that is gone but I really get affected by accidental gluten ingestion much more than before. When diagnosed it seemed impossible and horrible to adopt a gluten free diet but, it was easy and you get used to it. There has never been a better time to gluten free. Everyone has to choose how diligently to follow a gluten-free diet
  2. The sarcastic Celiac.


  3. I’ve had DH before but now have atopic dermatitis. All those posts lamenting eating out and CC don’t seem so paranoid now. It’s hard to figure out the cause with so many factors and if still exposing yourself to potential CC. So many posts mention these setbacks make one feel like you’re starting over. It’s easy to assume things are safe because they are supposed to or labeled as such. For me a gradual and reluctant move towards whole, unprocessed foods seems the only sure way to avoid problems. That being said, damn do I miss Bob’s Big Boy.
  4. Very interested in this topic. I have had lower right side pain for weeks (after a few too many Glutenbergs) and elevated lipase (3x normal). PCP thinks it’s not pancreatitis due to CT results & pain being atypical. They think it is related Celiac, whatever that means? So, waiting on follow-up blood work and a CK test ordered to rule out “other muscle related” issues, which I shouldn’t have googled. There are so many related issues and symptoms that I am glad for this forum as a resource.
  5. Dr. Berg is a chiropractor and a salesman.
  6. I need to have a hernia repair with mesh. Researching hernia mesh and autoimmune disease brings up some concerns (real and imagined). This material can lead to autoinflammatory/autoimmunity syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA). Plus a foreign body response or type of rejection. I am trying to minimize autoimmune related risks by research and consulting multiple physicians. Only one physician I have contacted acknowledged possible concerns about autoimmune issues.This doctor favors a hybrid mesh comprised of biological and synthetic materials. All the other physicians I
  7. Just for information, glutenfreemall is overwhelmed and not shipping for weeks. Plus, for customers on the west coast shipping is extremely expensive.
  8. Ask your doctor instead of a bunch of strangers with various degrees of knowledge and panic. There have always been lots of knee jerk reactions on this board and varying degrees of panic when dealing with simple issues (see eating out threads); So, panic or ask your doctor. From Columbia University’s Celiac Disease Center: As coronavirus is a new illness, there is no research specifically looking at the risk to people with celiac disease. Celiac disease is a chronic medical condition in which there appears to be an increased risk of infections with pneumococcal bac
  9. The Ralph’s in California I went to yesterday had Bob’s bread mix and plenty of yeast. I didn’t even check for “real” bread, as they only have Udi’s. The Pamela’s products (best bread mix) website shows almost everything sold out. Have not checked Sprouts or Whole Foods but consider buying gluten-free flour and yeast if you are Jonesing for bread.
  10. I would assume it depends on the individual and their considerations. According to “A Canadian Celiac podcast” (http://acanadianceliacpodcast.libsyn.com/website). That host states that the the CCA (Canadian Celiac Association) Indicates the risk is minimal. The issue of celiacs being either immunocompromised or immunosuppressed after diagnosis, and going gluten-free, seems to be well established. Like many aspects of Celiac disease, there are no cut and dried answers; however, it would seem we are not at a severe risk. As with most aspects of Celiac, it seems we need
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