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  1. Just for information, glutenfreemall is overwhelmed and not shipping for weeks. Plus, for customers on the west coast shipping is extremely expensive.
  2. Ask your doctor instead of a bunch of strangers with various degrees of knowledge and panic. There have always been lots of knee jerk reactions on this board and varying degrees of panic when dealing with simple issues (see eating out threads); So, panic or ask your doctor. From...
  3. The Ralph’s in California I went to yesterday had Bob’s bread mix and plenty of yeast. I didn’t even check for “real” bread, as they only have Udi’s. The Pamela’s products (best bread mix) website shows almost everything sold out. Have not checked Sprouts or Whole Foods but consider buyi...
  4. I would assume it depends on the individual and their considerations. According to “A Canadian Celiac podcast” (http://acanadianceliacpodcast.libsyn.com/website). That host states that the the CCA (Canadian Celiac Association) Indicates the risk is minimal. The issue of celiacs bei...