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  1. I have. I agree that it is so yucky! I would have to "chase" it w/ something. Ugh. I noticed some difference, but...
  2. Celiac.com 10/16/2009 - With the downturn in our economy, it is certainly not news that many more Americans are needing...
  3. Kim Hopkins

    Candida Overgrowth

    Hi, I unfortunately had my doctor stumped (actually, she is a holistic nurse practitioner). She told me to "go do...
  4. I found it on Amazon. He's got other books, too. There is also a website www.yeastconnection.com Good luck!
  5. I can relate to the yeast problems, although mine started after about 5 years of being on the gluten free diet and feeling...
  6. Candida has been linked with celiac disease, but I don't think you would see them in your stool. Your doc can run a...
  7. Kim Hopkins

    Celiac And Diabetes

    Lots of great advice here...just thought I'd add that Ewehorn makes a corn flake cereal that is unsweetened. Since they...
  8. Kim Hopkins

    Anyone Else Work In Residential Treatment?

    I worked in residential as a social worker when I was first diagnosed. It was a small setting, so that helped...although...
  9. Kim Hopkins

    Celiac And Candida

    I haven't seen too much saying that candida is related to the ONSET of celiac disease, but I have seen plenty about how...
  10. Kim Hopkins

    Also Suffering From Sinusitis?

    I totally feel your pain!!! My story and what worked for me to kick the sinus infections for good: All of my life...
  11. Kim Hopkins

    Allergic Reactions To More And More Foods!

    The allergy tests might not hurt, but they are not the whole picture. Egg whites and soy showed up on mine. When I...
  12. Hi Jennifer, I'm not familiar with the candida test, though I've been reading about it and it interests me. I'm starting...
  13. Kim Hopkins

    Dental Surgery And Gluten

    I agree - any medication that you were given should be checked to see if they contained gluten. To add to the antibiotic...
  14. Kim Hopkins

    What's Really Going On In There?

    Lots of great questions...the trouble is, so little is known for sure at this time. Regarding the depression link, check...
  15. Plan your meals: It sounds simple, but it’s one that is often ignored. Sit down before you do your weekly grocery r...