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  1. "Numerous cases of DCM have been reported in smaller dogs, whose primary source of nutrition was food containing peas...
  2. "Gluten is absolutely necessary for most people to survive - that is why it is called vital wheat gluten" OMG! ...
  3. Hi, here's a list of what was causing my symptoms. migrains, brain fog - rice alergy, wheat/rye alergy - including...
  4. I sometimes get very bad stomach cramps and D after drinking coffee or black tea. It happens about one out of 10 times...
  5. Pac

    Caramel Coloring?

    And part of this urban legend is that this high level of processing removes all the gluten (or other allergen). Sensitive...
  6. I had the same problem before going gluten-free and twice after bad glutenning - each time it took me about 3 months...
  7. Pac

    Celiac, Sex, And Pancreas

    That includes gluten in his soap and other body care products. (
  8. Higher casein content, additives/colorants, iodized salt?
  9. I've read that soy intolerance can cause similar biopsy results as mild celiac - March 1a, but not the full celiac damage...
  10. not molecules as big as gluten, but the small ones (hormones, parabenes...) you DO absorb.
  11. Pac

    How Do You Do It?

    If it was the smell itself, at least you'd have a clue which place to avoid. Soo often I only know it's time to run...
  12. Pac

    Birthday Cake

    I don't use mixes, but otherwise I have the same experience - cakes and cookies are the easiest thing to make gluten...
  13. I'm not concerned about gluten getting through the skin into the poor fishes flesh, that is quite impossible. I meant...
  14. What about parts of the animal that do get in direct contant with gluten? Or farm-raised fish that pretty much swim in...
  15. If you can get the scope (+biopsy) done soon, then I would do it, even on gluten-free diet. Negative results don't mean...