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  1. It can appear almost anywhere. I had it on my upper arms, in my hair, ankles to knees, upper back, back of the neck, down my spine, lower back, forearms, elbows, but not on my face or front of my upper body.
  2. Hi, I have DH. I went undiagnosed for 8 years and it was horrible. I am 9 years gluten-free, very strict, and I still break out here and there. In my experience anything with iodine in any quantity and with any regularity can cause it. Also povidone in medications. It is my understanding that...
  3. It looks like the other responses pretty much say it all. Before docs realized that DH was from celiacs, they just knew that Dapsone controlled it and didn't really know why. But in more recent years after they realized that the problem was occurring in the gut from eating gluten, they give Dapsone...