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  1. Wow. The doc that gave me the Neurontin never said anything about weaning off of it! (No surprise there). I think the...
  2. Here's something I found that might provide some relief from the symptoms of DH. It's called Neurontin (gabapetin)....
  3. Hopeful1950


    These photos look like my DH when it first started 10 years ago. I initially thought that my skin was sensitive, or...
  4. Hopeful1950

    Night Time The Worst

    My rash is always the worst early evening and at night. The psychiatrist I consulted after 3 dermatologists told me...
  5. Hopeful1950

    Finally! A Great Doc

    I think "non-celiac" means that all testing is negative and there are no GI symptoms. She did say that they are not...
  6. Hopeful1950

    Finally! A Great Doc

    My history: 10 years with blistering insanely itchy rash. 8 years of being told I was "stressed" "neurotic" A little...
  7. Hopeful1950


    I have a friend who has DH. This is how his rash presented for many years before it spread to his ankles and the back...
  8. Hopeful1950


    Oh man. I wanted to scream after I read your story. It took me 8 years to get diagnosed and I got blown off and told...
  9. Hopeful1950

    Rh Factor - Neg. Or Pos. Who Has It?

    I am RH negative and am very sensitive to iodine. It makes my DH go crazy.
  10. Hopeful1950

    Interesting Reading On Dh

    This is AMAZING! Is there a way to pin it at the top of the DH forum so newbies can be sent there? I sure wish...
  11. Hopeful1950

    Another Newbie: Could This Be Dh?

    Oh man. Your pictures look like me a year ago. I really feel for you. Regarding the stool tests: I did the EnteroLab...
  12. Hopeful1950

    Can Anyone Tell Me If This Looks Like Dh

    Your pictures look like DH to me. The fact that it is presenting on your elbows (a location that is mentioned quite...
  13. Hopeful1950

    Please Take A Peek For Me?

    You pictures look almost exactly like my DH as well. Mine started on my shins and my upper back and because I went undiagnosed...
  14. Hopeful1950

    Multivitamin W/o Iodine?

    I like Multi Vites Gummy Vitamins for Adults by Vita Fusion. No gluten, no milk, no eggs, no peanuts, no soy. I get...
  15. Hopeful1950

    Armpits Dh

    OMG! Thanks for a great start to my day!