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  1. Zucchini squash pasta made with my new Veggetti slicer! (And a little red wine.....)
  2. Cooking nothing. Had gluten-free pizza and gluten-free beer out at a restuarant, it was aweseome!!!! Home now and feel fantastic, no signs of any cc!
  3. For lunch, some fried fish with Schar Cheese Bites for the coating
  4. Thank you so much for heads up! At last I get to try some of this. I have become a pretty good bread baker but it's always fun to try new stuff!

  5. "Just wondering where everyone gets their glutening pain. Mine is pretty low and feels sort of like period cramps but worse" Yes that's what mine feels like. The morning after I eat something I shouldn't for dinner, there it is. But I think that is what made it hard to connect it to my diet...
  6. Chili Mac using spaghetti squash instead of pasta. Good...sooooo good...I ate too much!
  7. For lunch today: Spaghetti squash with a sort of tomatoey/sour creamy sauce that I made up with stuff in my fridge LOL. Good stuff! Gonna use the rest of the squash to try making the Squash Fritters they did on The Chew today. They used an egg/flour batter. Do you think it will work...
  8. For lunch today: brown rice grilled salmon fried cabbage and onions Guess I won't be kissing anyone today, but man it was tasty!
  9. "Oh BeFree, I am so happy for you that you are able to eat all that stuff. I couldn't eat a single morsel of it" THANK YOU I am so happy too--it's been trial and error for the last couple of months figuring out what I can eat, yesterday was more of a "trial" day and I'm happy to say I feel fantastic...
  10. For a cold rainy day: Hormel Turkey Chili, I was so happy to find some canned chili that is gluten and soy free, wonder of wonders! Mixed with some canned corn and rotel tomatoes, with some tortilla chips on top. Bob's cornbread on the side.
  11. Reverse tacos: meat, rotel tomatoes and crumbled corn chips inside lettuce wraps And leftover Bob's Corn Bread from thanksgiving
  12. For lunch today: peanut butter and jelly lettuce wraps First time I tried this--wow, it was darn good! I think I even like it better this way than with bread
  13. "it actually smelled like bread when I opened the package!" I love that about the Rudi's and the Udi's bread! Tonight I am out and busy, and can't eat fast food so I am eating a salad that I packed this morning in my lunchbox. Having to do a lot more of packing food before I leave the house...
  14. For lunch today: Pork Chop Carrot Fries--mmm so good! I have to admit they didn't make it to my plate. I ate them while the meat was cooking
  15. Tonight's menu: Pork chops with apples and honey glaze, baked potato with broccoli (Yep, more potatoes!) "She didn't realize that an oven previously used to bake gluten pies etc. was a big no no for us" What? My oven will CC me???? I sure hope not, it's baking my pork chops right now...