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Jade Pray

Is My Job The Problem?

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I haven’t posted on here in awhile, I have just been so

stressed out and busy lately. I’m a full time college student, I’m taking
online classes because how much trouble I had health wise when I was in high
school. And I also work part time at Sam’s club as a cashier.

I was diagnosed June 2011 and I have been struggling ever since. I read all these

post about how great people feel after going gluten free. I have had a small
amount of improvement, but not much. I still struggle daily. I’m always sick. I
tried seeing a doctor recently and she ran a bunch of tests and called me to
say that my vitamin d is low and there’s nothing more she can do for me. At
this point I can’t help but wonder if I have something else in addition to
celiac disease. I also keep wondering if my job has been making me worse.

First let me just state that I was having a hard time before
I started my job and I am so used to feeling bad that I don’t always notice
when my condition worsens.  I am a
cashier at Sam’s club and for those that don’t know Sam’s Club is a large bulk
item store that you need a membership to enter. It sells electronics and
clothes, but mostly it sells food. Lots of very large packages of food. 50
pound bags of flour.  I have never
had a skin reaction to gluten (I do have constantly dry hands to the point that
they crack and bleed but I also wash my hands Constantly) but sometimes it just
really worries me. This worry might not be necessary but when you pick up a bag
of flour it’s just not possible to avoid getting some on your hands and

Unfortunately even if my job is causing problems I don’t
think there’s anything I can do about it. I have tried switching to another
section but all sections end up in contact with food product and they wont
switch me anyways. And I can’t get another job. I put in 100 applications when
job hunting. Sam’s club is the only one that gave me an interview even. I have
applied for places since then but none would give me a chance. And on top of
that I honestly can’t even think of entry-level positions that don’t involve
food in this area. Maybe I’m not thinking outside the box enough, I don’t know.
Also Sam’s pays better than any other part time entry-level job around here
that I know of and I already am struggling, I just can’t afford to eat on less
money than what I am making now.

I also just have to wonder, am I the only person with this
problem. Did any other celiacs have trouble with their job when they were
diagnosed?  With the amount of
people diagnosed I think its highly unlikely that I am the only one that’s
worked around food.


Sometimes I get so stressed out when reading forums because
so many suggestions involve spending so much money. Yes I do know that’s its
for my health but that doesn’t change the fact that I cannot afford most of it.
I make just enough money to pay rent and gas and have maybe $100 left over for
food and any other necessities that come up. I do not have any health insurance
and I can barely afford my food let alone any extras like vitamins. 

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I would say that for sure that would be a problem if you are in contact with wheat stuff all the time.  Since you now have retail experience, perhaps you should apply at other stores that do not sell food.  Or look for another line of work.  Or perhaps try to get a different job within your store.  But I don't know that there would be one where you wouldn't come in contact with wheat.

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Celiac affects the digestive tract. As long as you aren't:


A. consuming it

B. inhaling it (as this leads down to the gut)

C. putting your hands in your mouth after touching it


Than you should be fine (this does not include topical skin reactions).


Are you allowed to wear gloves? I know some stores allow that.

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Have you been treated for your low D levels? Low D can cause all kinds of problems, like just feeling blah all the time.

If you're not absorbing properly just sitting out in the sun could help.


Is there a student health office at your school that offers free treatment? Many colleges and universities have a place that offers free or reduced cost medical care.

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