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Cooking With A Pressure Cooker

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Hidy ho all,


I'm considering trying a pressure cooker and I'm wondering if anyone currently uses one.  I plan to start small (and cheap) and I'm thinking this might be a good start.




Does anyone have experience (or recipes, or horror stories) they'd like to share?





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I use a pressure cooker and have for many, many years.  One of the best places to read about them and gain confidence, as well as get ideas for many ways to use them is Miss Vickie's site.


As for making text links, first type your text in the reply window...then, highlight it by putting the cursor in front of the text and dragging the mouse across the text you want linked.  THEN go to the little link tool at the top of the message screen.  If your message screen does not show the tools, there should be a button to push that says "more reply options".  Click that and it should reveal the tools you need.


I don't recommend aluminum, I prefer the stainless steel because the aluminum pits if you do a lot of cooking with acidic foods such as tomato.  It also leaches aluminum into your food, which supposedly damages our brains (connected with Alzheimer's).


I have an older rocker-weight pressure cooker, I also just got one of the fancier ones that doesn't have rocker weight.  I don't have a lot of experience with the newer one, the metal on the pan split before I got much use out of it.  For this reason I would hesitate recommending the Spanish-made Fagor, though they did honor their warranty and replace the pot.  My confidence is low, however, as my husband looked at the metal and said it has what look like flaws in forging and the new one will probably split too. 


Pressure cooking does not have to be frightening!  One needs to remember a couple of rules:  1)  make sure you have adequate liquid in the cooker, and, 2) don't leave home with your pressure cooker on the stove.  Set your timer so you can get back to your pan before all the liquid evaporates.  It is when a pressure cooker run dry that it is dangerous, and rocker-weights lose a lot more moisture through their vents!  Pressure cooker recipes take this into account, so don't be nervous when following recipes written for pressure cookers.


You will need to spend a little more time learning how to get a rocker-weight cooker set at right pressure if you have an electric stove, once you get it down it will be faster!  Gas stove is easy, when you turn the flame down the pressure drops pretty quick too!


Anyway, I love my pressure cookers and hope you will love yours!

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