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Celiac. Do I Have It?

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Hi Everybody,


I am so delighted to have found this forum and have the opportunity to read posts from people going through a similar situation as myself.


To give a summary of what I have encountered over the past couple of months, I would be grateful for any feedback please.


I was doing some cleaning at home when I suddenly got an over whelming feeling of tiredness over my body, this was a tiredness I had never experienced before.  I lay down but this seemed to make me feel worse, my heart began beating very fast.  At this point I jumped from the bed, which was probably stupid, and felt light heated.  My stomach felt like it was rising towards my chest.  Also the heat in my chest area was something I will never forget.  I crawled on my hands and knees to downstairs.  To cut a long story short I ended up in hospital.  Everybody thought it was my heart but umpteen examinations and ECG’s nothing untoward showed up.  I was released from hospital and told to have a follow up consultation with my Doctor. 


I went to my doctor who followed up with more blood work and again all was clear apart from a raised esr.  The doctor did not seem concerned by this and diagnosed me with acid reflux.  I did not find his diagnoses plausible but took his prescription for reflux medication anyway.  I went home took the medication and woke up violently ill.  I continued to take the medication and began feeling light headed, dizzy and my heart continued to race.  I went back to the GP and he changed the medication but also prescribed medication for depression.  I objected to the pills but he said I it was not possible I was feeling as unwell as I was saying because my bloods looked normal as did umpteen examinations I went under. 

I took the prescribed pills but after a month I felt no different.  I threw the pills away and began doing my own research.


My symptoms were:


Diarrhoea and sometimes constipation.  Stool was yellow in colour (sorry!) and full of mucus (sorry again!)

Stomach upset

Dry retching

Raw oesophagus

Chest pain

Gurgling noise in throat, stomach and intestine,



Pins and Needles

Very white saliva that I felt like I was choking on

Always felt better when I didn’t eat

Grossly obese and getting fatter

Loss of periods

Joint pain

Bone pain

Heart seemed to beat faster

Constant burping


I ended up in the accident and emergency four more times and yet they were unable to come up with an explanation. 


I met with family and have since found out there are two celiac’s in the family.  My sibling is one of them and we were unaware of this. 


I went on a gluten free diet for 48hrs and all my symptoms went apart from the white saliva.


I went back to my GP and demanded he send me to be tested.  I am still waiting on the results


The white saliva continues and it has now put a white coating on my tongue which will not go away.

Does any have any idea what is causing this please.


Thanks in advance for any response.

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