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My Symptoms Totally Changed

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I'm a week out from my biopsy. I went off gluten after I got my blood tests back in February. I just started back on it about two weeks ago and I'm not having the same symptoms as the ones that prompted me to get tested. 


Initially I was reacting a lot more but this past week I've almost felt asymptomatic digestive wise but psychologically and physiologically everything has gotten... weird to say the least. I apparently sound kind of "high" within the first couple hours of being glutened, all of my limbs feel like they're half asleep all the time, and I get weird dizziness and vertigo (though I did develop a couple holes in my retina after my blood tests but before I went back on gluten, so those could contribute to that.) My symptoms previous to getting the blood tests fit the celiac profile but now it's totally flipped. 


Is that ... normal?

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