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Am I Gluten Intolerant?

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Good evening everyone.

This year so far has been extremely rough for me in terms of health. I've been getting sick more often annd just generally feel horrible.

Researching my frequent symptoms, the most common suggestion is diabetic or gluten allergy.

I wanted to post on here and see if my symptoms sound familiar to anyone.

-Frequent headachea. Wont go away even after taking meds and sleeping.

-Stomach upset. Often feels uncomfortable. I suffer from bloating and gas a lot.

-Extreme fatigue. I am tired all the time. But after I eat I feel even worse, almost like a fog has come over me.

-Memory problems

-Anxiety. Use to be a big issue but I've learned to control it and I believe caffine may have been the culprit.


-Mood swings

-Dizzyness sometimes or lightheadiness

-Can't sleep though I'm exhausted.

Is this all common for a gluten allergy or intolerance? I notice ny extreme fatigue usually hits me after I eat bread or my kashi wheat biscuit cereal. Worst and most common symptoms for me is the fatigue and headaches.

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Hi, just saying hello. Sorry can't help much as I am new to all this too. Apart from headaches I have all those symptoms and am awaiting test results for Celiac and vit D deficiency. The symptoms are also the same as vit B12 def, which I also have. I am sure someone more knowledgable will be along to help soon.


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Welcome to the board. :)


Your symptoms are the same as mine except substitute anxiety for joint pain. They are pretty common symptoms of both celiac disease and NCGI (non-celiac gluten intolerance), enough so that I think you should probably get tested for celiac disease and possibly for Hashimoto's hypothyroidism. (I had both, undiagnosed, at the same time and as I said, your symptoms are very similar to mine.)


The most common celiac tests are:

  • tTG IgA and tTG IgG
  • DGP IgA and DGP IgG
  • EMA IgA
  • total serum IgA
  • AGA IgA and AGA IgG (older tests which are being replace by the DGP tests)

You must be eating gluten in the weeks prior to testing in order to have an accurate test.  You could also have an endoscopic biopsy of the small intestine done.  Unfortunately, there is no test for NCGI (which appears in 6-30% of the population) except your response to the gluten-free diet.


Celiacs are often low in nutrients. You might want to request calcium, ferritin,potassium,  iron, B's, and D levels tested. if you want to check for hypothyroidism (which occurs in higher rates in celiacs than the regular population) request;

TSH - close to a 1 is good

Free T4 and FT3 - most feel best if it is in the 50-75% range of your labs normal reference range

TPO Ab - should be pretty low


Best wishe. Hope you feel well soon.

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