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Need Good Gi In North Jersey

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well, it looks like I'm still looking for a GI... the doctor I went to today told me I might have celiac disease and recommended I get the blood test done and possibly the biopsy.. after I told him I had been gluten-free the whole year and wouldn't test positive, he said it didn't matter as it's a blood test and me having been gluten-free is irrelevant :rolleyes:

I am sorry your quest for answers on your health is so frustrating.

I can only tell you that it seems we have all been through a lot to get the few answers we have.

For me I gave up on doctors to deal with the Celiac. I know a gluten-free diet works for me and I stick with that.

I should be monitored in some way? I don't know?

Does anyone know how the Doctors monitor Celiac?

there really needs to be Celiac specialists. something?

Best of luck!


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