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Neuro Apt Tomorrow...what To Do?

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Hi! I'm a brand new member and new to the gluten topic.


Here is my story in a nutshell:

Two years ago I was pregnant with my first and only child. I developed neuropathy in my feet and hands starting in the middle of my 2nd trimester. I just figured it was pregnancy related having never been pregnant before. It was a shooting, electric type pain with movement (stretching). That lasted my entire pregnancy. I had my daughter 11-6-11. The nerve pain continued and some muscle sensations occurred. I was referred to a neuro and had an appointment January 2012. All my tests were normal (blood tests, mri of brain/spine, nerve study, EMG). He just said idiopathic probably hormone related from pregnancy. I've work myself up into thinking I have a horrible disease (MS/ALS) even with normal tests. Went back to the neuro Jan 2013 for a recheck. All looked normal again. Had a repeat MRI, normal. Then I saw an article on Celiac and read some about it. I contacted my neuro a month ago about it. Was told to go gluten free and see what happens. I then added gluten in a week ago because he wants to test me. I was gluten-free since March. Some symptoms subsided. He wants to do a blood panel to see. I read that I being off gluten with throw off the results. I guess we'll talk more about that at my appointment tomorrow.


Here are the symptoms I had which leads me to believe this has stemmed from a gluten issue:


-Severe anxiety/depression

-idiopathic peripheral nerve pain with normal nerve study-has lead to buzzing sensation in legs (buzzing could be from excessive anxiety)

-unexplained infertility (took a year to concieve my daughter...ended up successful with Clomid)


-bad skin (redness & acne)

-triggered by pregnancy

-anemic (worse when pregnant)

-mild stomach issues


-bad insomnia

-constant allergy symptoms all year round

....and probably more.


I guess I just want to know a few opinions. When I added gluten back this week I started having headaches about an hour after eating, bloated belly, and constipated. :)




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Certainly, celiac could be the cause of those issues.


I don't think you've been on gluten long enough for any tests to come back accurately. :( I could be wrong, however.

I completely agree!  

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I am so frustrated with the neurologist in that he never said anything about testing me and had me stop gluten. Oh well, I guess we will see what he thinks.


Thanks for the replies! I wanted to make sure that I was correct in thinking this sounds like Celiac/Gluten.


Take care :)

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