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Has Anyone Gone gluten-free Based On High Tt Iga Alone?

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My 9 year old daughter has been blood tested twice for Celiacs.  The first time:

Anti-Gliadin IGA - 7 normal

Anti-Gliadin IGG - 12 normal

TT IGA - >100  Strong Positive

Reticulan IGA AB - Negative

Comprehensive Metabolic - normal except for high Bun Creatinie Ratio and high Albumin


Retested 1 week later - still on gluten:


Anti-Gliadin IGA - 3 normal

Anti-Gliadin IGG - 4 normal

TT IGA - >47  Strong Positive

Reticulan IGA AB - Negative

Everything else - normal


She has not has any digestive symptoms but is having:



high anxiety


leg trembling

hand tingling


numb mouth

foggy brain

rapid heartbeat


rash on arms and legs



She was being treated for anxiety and was put on a modified school schedule because it was debilitating.  Finally when the blood tests came back we thought - FINALLY we have answers!!  She started gluten-free about a week ago and appears to be SLOWLY improving. 

Has anyone else gone gluten-free based only on high TT IGA and numerous symptoms or should I investigate further?




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I went gluten-free on tTG IgA and the EMA IgA (which is a very similar test).  Because your daughter's score was so positive, I would say that there is litlle doubt that it is celiac disease. If the tTG IgA has a false positive (which only occurs 1-9% of the time) the tTG is much lower - barely positive. Those false cases are always caused by something else like diabetes, thyroiditis, liver disease, Crohn's or a serious GI infection.


With her high score and the celiac symptoms that are improving on the gluten-free diet, I would presume celiac disease is the cause. That's great she is improving in the first week! Many of us felt worse for a while after starting the diet.

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