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Mum in Norway

Waiting For Biopsy But Has Real Problems Eating Gluten

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I've been waiting to hear from the hospital for a few weeks now, still don't know when my biopsy will be.

I had a blood test done I may, and becaus I ate very little gluten prior to that my doctor wanted me to do a gluten chalange. Needless to say, that sucked. After that I had my second blood test, that was even more positive than the first.

A week after my second blood test I had an important exam, so to be able to do my best there I desided to go glutenfree for just that week. I felt so so good, and the exame went grate.

Then it was time to start eating gluten again.


Caus now I keep throwing up when ever I have more than a mouthfull...! My stomace just totaly empties.

Not much gluten is going to get to my intestine that way.

If I have realy small amounts then I only get realy ill. For two days. With three kids that all have theire summer hollydays now, that is a bit of a problem to...


Will this totaly mess up my gastro results? I try to eat gluten atleast a few times a week,

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It's hard to say how it will affect your results. Some people's damage lingers for months or years, where as other people start to heal almost immediately. An endoscopy only requires about 2 weeks of a gluten challenge. Perhaps try to eat what you can now, and attempt to increase it in the week or two prior to the endoscopy. if you can't do it, then don't make yourself feel horrible. You have two positive blood tests now so you already know that you have celiac disease and need to go gluten-free when this is done. The biopsy won't change anything. If it is negative, it is probably because you couldn't get enough gluten to make measureable damage or because the damage is spotty and they missed it. A positive biopsy means you have celiac disease - but you already know that because a positive blood test means there is damage, or your body is trying to make damage, and going gluten-free is the way to go.


Good luck. I hope it gets easier for you.

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