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Genetic Test Results Help

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Hello fairly new to the sight, and still working on diagnosis.I did a genetics testing results were:

DQA1 0501 (HLA-DQ2) Positive

DQB1 0609 (HLA-DQ1) Positive

DBQ1 0201 (HLA-DQ2) Positive

Can someone help me with interpreting these results? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you..

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Thank you, Ive done a lot of reading to understand what these results mean..Its been a long road to get to this point..Ive had no official diagnosis so Its been hard to stay on the diet..My GI doc. said he thought it might be gluten sensitivity after all my test came back negative and said I had IBS and stress. After trying different IBS meds and still not feeling well I decided to get the genetics test done.Ive been dealing with a lot of symptoms now for about 9 yrs..UGH..

I have 2 sons who are adults now but also have a lot of GI issues along with Dairy allergys.

Its just so mind boggleing!..

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My husband had the genetics test also and he had 3 copies of DQ 8 which put him at 2x moderate risk for celiac but he also tested positive on two serological tests. I am not really sure if they are all the same  but here is the reference that was on his test results. I believe that the first number is the number of copies of the gene. I hope this helps a bit :)


8 DQ2 Homozygous 31X EXTREMELY HIGH
7 DQ2/ot her high risk gene 16X VERY HIGH
5 DQ8 Homozygous 10X HIGH
4 DQ2 heterozygous 10X HIGH
3 DQ8 heterozygous 2X MODERATE
2 DQ2/other low risk gene <1X LOW

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