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Does This Fit For Celiac?

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I've been having a number of issues in the past year of my life and I've been trying to track down what is going on with my body. I've noticed the following symptoms of the past year:


-muscle pain in chest/legs/throat

-tingling feeling in toes, feet, and fingers (peripheral neuropathy signs)

-acid reflux

-digestive problems (bloatedness and pain, but I think this was due to PPI medication)

-diarrhea problems

-both loose stools and very large stools (doctor had me eat high fiber because he thought problem could be gas in intestines)


All of these I've found related to Celiac disease. Does it need to be consistent symptoms for Celiac as I've noticed my problems seem to come and go at times over the course of the year, but its rare that I show no signs at all.


I did notice that symptoms seemed to get worse when I was eating high fiber. Recently I've been trying to eat a low carb diet to deal with the acid reflux since its recommened with gerds (possible source or problem I was guessing) and it seems like it hasn't been nearly as bad of late. I think inadvertently I've also cut out most if not all gluten out of my time while doing this and I'm not wondering if the lack of glutens is the reason. What do other think?

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