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Can Celiac Be Diagnosed With Symptoms And Genetic Testing?

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My son had wheat allergies show up on his blood work when he was young.  We started testing due to severe stomach pain and oil in the toliet.  The dr only recommended we avoid wheat and see if it got better.  We avoided wheat, not cross containmation.  He continued to have mild symptoms.  He was never checked for celiac.  When his sister got really sick, we found out she had celiac through biopsy.  Both children are on a strict gluten free diet.  We did the genetic testing on him and he has DQ2.5, putting him in the high risk category. 

My question is, do pediatric drs ever diagnosed based on symptoms and genetics?  There  is no way he can eat gluten to do a biopsy.  If it comes to that, he will just not have a formal diagnosis.  Thanks, Jennifer

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An enlightened doctor may give you a celiac diagnosis based on his medical history, his sister's C D diagnosis, his improvement on the diet

and the gene test. . 


If a doctor asks you to feed him gluten for a few weeks to put him through testing for a diagnosis---he's going to be going by the book, I'm afraid.


It's your call, of course.(but I know what I would do if he were my kiddo) ;) .

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I got diagnosed with genetic test (2 DQ2 and 2 DQ8) symptoms, and telling the MD doctor the changes that happened since going gluten free.  I am the only one I know of that was diagnosed this way.


Since, we have found more evidence of my celiac.  I had the enamel off of my teeth 30 years back.  I suffered from eczema and mysterious food reactions while growing up.   I had mal-nutrition in spite of an excellent diet and supplements.  I had adrenal gland damage, which a doctor said would occur with so many years of gluten damage.  I had tenderness in my small intestine.  I had developed intolerances to many foods that I was eating.  I have also had infertility for 16 years.   I have been doing all I can to heal.


In November of last year I had a very detailed nutrient absorption test.  I discovered how low I was in Vitamin B, D, and ferritin and others.  In June I had a repeat nutrient test.  My vitamin B levels had come up to good, all but one, other nutrient levels were normal.


I believe one way to tell if the small intestine is working is by checking the nutrient levels.  I am working with a Functional Medicine Nurse that is helping with this.


I am hoping for health for your child a definitive diagnosis for you.



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