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Commercial For Celiac Testing

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Quest Diagnostics has a commercial I just saw on TV.




Go down to the bottom and watch the commercial.  Silly little green smilies.  Wonder if they got that from this one that gets a lot of use on here:









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I think they did a pretty good job on that commercial but most people who see it will probably ignore it.  Have you heard those radio commercials for Ankylosing Spondylitis?  Used to play a lot in my area last year.  It is so random and specific... all I can think is if your back pain is THAT bad you probably already know it is messed up, don't you?  LOL.  Of course, celiac disease isn't like that, it can be a tricky thing, so I am all for awareness of the disease other than "I have a friend of a friend with something called celiac disease and she has to eat weird food."


Also, with people who have been told they are at risk for celiac, like ALL of my relatives who won't go get themselves tested for at least the gene (Someone gave that thing to me!), may finally take that step to go get themselves checked out.  

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