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I recently got a hold of all the bloodwork my doctor ordered when he tested me for celiac and a whole host of other gastrointestinal problems and noticed he didn't mention was that my TSH levels were elevated but within the normal range (3.8 with a range of 0.5-4.0 being normal).  Many of the symptoms of decreased thyroid function are similar to symptoms of celiac, but I'm always cold and have fairly low blood pressure (105/60 is normal for me) which are both flags for hypothyroidism.  I've read that some people regain thyroid function (lower TSH levels) in response to a gluten free diet and was wondering if anyone here had any experiences of that happening and if so, how long it took.


(I would love to go back to my doctor and get a more concrete answer but my insurance only covers once a year well visits until I hit my $5000 deductible so I would prefer to not do that as of right now) 

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Going gluten free has not affected my thyroid function.  I think it has calmed down my autoimmune response, so that I'm no longer fluctuating from hypo to hyper.  My meds are still the same as prior to my thyroid "storm" which occurred just prior to my celiac disease diagnosis.  I am still monitoring my TSH, etc. levels as they may change after I experience healing, but after a year, they have not.  


Did you get a complete thyroid panel?  Do you have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis?  I have some nodules on my thyroid (prompted all testing back in '97) and my doctor prescribed a small amount of Armour back then to try to reduce my antibody levels as they were through the roof!  It did help.  Since you have symptoms, you might ask for a small dosage.  


Your TSH level would be fine for me.  I would not have symptoms at that level.  I'm down to a .8 now but I feel the same when I'm at a 3.  0.  But, everyone is different.  


Can you just pay for the doctor's visit out-of-pocket?  Will your insurance cover the lab charges?  Investigate paying cash (labs offer substantial discounts for cash) at the lab and doctor.   


Your blood pressure is comparable to mine and the cold feeling may be related to celiac disease.  Hard to say.  It took me about six months to feel the effects of going gluten-free and my main symptom was anemia.  Turns out that celiac disease affected me in so many ways that I didn't realize it!  It also did not pay to eat a loaf of bread and masses of cookies/cakes between my blood test and endoscopy!  That's when the intestinal crud kicked in!  Ha!  All recovered now, I think!

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Hi Skelly and Welcome to the Forum.


Your numbers are also comparable to mine.  My BP runs low and resting pulse in the 50's.  My hypothyroid has been stable before and after celiac diagnosis and is around 3.  I still have cold hands and feet, have all my life.  Like Cyclinglady said, you can always pay a lab for further testing if you wanted.  But I wouldn't go running to find something wrong with those numbers.  They are pretty normal.


Good luck to you.



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Your TSH could be a bit high for you, but as the others said it could be fine.  For me, a 3.8 is hypothyroid... You really need more tests to be sure. For someone investigating hypothyroidism, I would recommend these tests:

  • TSH - Many with hypothyroidism say the feel best near a 1. I feel best below a 1.
  • free T4 and free T3 - Should be in the 50-75% range of your lab's normal reference range.  When my TSH was in the teens, my FT's were still in range although low; I feel quite a difference when I get it to about 75% of my lab's range.
  • TPO Ab - Should be low. Mine never tested abnormally high but I am on an almost full replacement dose of hormones. My TPO Ab did fall a bit about 7 months after going gluten-free but I don't know if it's related or not.

Next time you see your doctor, ask about the tests.  My cold extremeties did warm up some after I found a good med match for my hypothyroidism, and after I got my free's up and my TSH down. My blood pressure wasn't affected though.


I hope you find answers.  :)

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